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Q. What exactly is this?

A. A thin, flexible, wallet that attaches to any smartphone or Blackberry and lets you store credit cards, debit cards, cash, a driver's license, gym membership, and anything else that you want to keep with you. Except for a bulky wallet, of course.

Q. What is it made from?

A. CardNinja's pocket is made from a very high quality spandex. Our supplier actually sells the same material to several to several prominent ballet companies, so you know that it's durable and made to last (remember Black Swan?).

Q. How does it attach?

A. It's backed with a high-tech adhesive which lets it adhere securely to the back of any phone, but also lets you remove it without damaging your smartphone

Q. How secure is it?

A. Very secure. Flip your phone/CardNinja over. Everything stays put. Credit card numbers and sensitive information are concealed under the front cover.

Additionally, it gives you the ability to keep your valuables in a front pocket, as opposed to stuffing a large wallet into a back pocket. This is the way recommended by numerous groups including U.S. News and World Reports to keep your valuables safe from pickpockets. Women can keep a few important items with their phone, and avoid having to dig through a large purse in a public setting. 

Q. Will this interfere with my phone's camera?

A. On most models it won't interfere at all. Even fully loaded with cards, cash, and even business cards, the phone's camera and flash won't be affected. On some smaller phone models, you may have to simply slide out the cards, use the camera, and then slide the cards back in.

Q. Will this work if I have a case on my phone?

A. Most likely. While we obviously can't test every individual case for every phone, the CardNinja is compatible with nearly every type of plastic case. Please note that due to the nature of silicone, the CardNinjas adhesive will not adhere as securely to silicone (flexible rubber) cases.

Q. Can people see my credit card number?

A. No. At most, one can see the last 3 digits of a credit card number, which is useless to a would be criminal. Also, now that your wallet is so slim, you can keep it in your front pocket and make it significantly less susceptible to pick-pockets.

Q. So now if I lose my phone, I also lose my wallet?

A. Yes, but not for long! Just call your phone, and you've also found you wallet! When was the last time you could call your wallet?
Also, we're big fans of software such as "Where's my Droid?", "Find my iPhone", and "Blackberry Protect." These programs let your phone's gps send you a message stating exactly where you left it. And now with CardNinja, these programs will also help you find you wallet!

Q. Will my phone affect my credit cards? Will it de-magnetize them?

A. No! Your phone and credit cards will not de-magnetize or damage each other.

Q. I use a card with RFID or other small range wireless feature (including "Tap-to-Pay" type cards) for building access, security systems, credit cards, etc. Will this interfere with their operation?

A. No. Every card we have tested has worked perfectly, even without removing it from the CardNinja. Just as you would in a conventional wallet, keep the card(s) that you need to "Tap" closest to the outside of the CardNinja to ensure that it is able to be read by the sensor when you "Tap" it. 

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