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Just add CardNinja®.

  • Combine your wallet and Android®, iPhone® or Blackberry®.
  • Holds credit/debit cards, drivers license, student ID, some cash, and more.
  • It's secure. Items won't fall out (even if you flip it over.)
  • Perfect for men, women, and even kids. 
  • Great for the gym, shopping, bars, and everyday use.


  • Attaches easily, just like a sticker.
  • Removable.
  • Extremely slim.
  • Holds your valuables securely.
  • Flexible enough to hold one card or up to 8! Cash too!
  • No more need for a bulky wallet or purse.
Reviews for CardNinja
5 out of 5, based on 37 reviews
Diane Sisko from Mpls on Apr 08, 2014
I've used this product for about 10 months now and LOVE IT! I rarely carry a purse any more and find it easy to just pick up my phone and go. I take pictures on my phone of non-important cards such as a museum card or store membership card and keep a credit card and driver's license in the ninja. Great product!
Alisa from NYC on Mar 07, 2014
I've used my card ninja for 15 months now and it is still going strong. I'm buying a second one to use with my new iphone. This is the most useful $20 I've spent in a long time - I use it innumerable times a day and it works exactly as described. I'm still amazed how well it holds the cards... they simply don't fall out accidentally.
R from Tokyo on Jan 30, 2014
Excellent design and build quality. Since the iPhone doesn't support "osaifu keitai" (an local IC/NFC standard), I bought this to fit my PASMO commuter pass / money card.

Strangely, the readers at the train stations and convenience stores couldn't pick up the IC chip if it was alone in the CardNinja, so I decided to stick my plastic gym membership card behind it and voila, now reads perfectly. Don't know why this is, but all I care about is that it works.

To the CardNinja team-- you guys should definitely look into marketing your product more out here. There aren't many solutions out here to this problem-- and the ones that exist leave much to be desired. I've seen a couple J-blogs feature your product, but I haven't seen it on sale anywhere, even at speciality stores. I think it'd be a hit, especially if you offered it in more colors!!!
Dan katz from Israel on Jan 28, 2014
Already wrote a review but I wanted to Add that if you have a Nexus 4 or a similar Device in size I guess, I recommend putting the wallet upside down.
That way it won't block the speaker /camera flash.
Stuff really not falling out.
Dan katz from Israel on Jan 28, 2014
Ok. This is black magic on my nexus 4.
I read the reviews and I thought ok, it must be exaggerated, I will be able to insert a card or two but that still good for me.

I'm carrying 4 cards in it, some cash and my house key (yes! A key on the back of my phone!) and still have room for more cards or whatever.

This is black magic on my nexus 4.

Obviously it does add some bulk to the slim phone but I like the back feeling of the CardNinja, feel good in the hand.
I still have to carry my ID in my pocket but that's hell better than a bulky wallet.

I recommend it, even if you think it's not for you it might surprise you.
Tim Jackson from Wellington - New Zealand on Jan 20, 2014
Fantastic product - works really well, shipped quickly - I would recommend!!
Graeme from Australia on Nov 16, 2013
By far the best card holding system out there. I've been using the CardNinja for 5 months now and not a single problem. The CardNinja adds minimal bulk to my iPhone and holds my 3 most important cards, I don't even carry a wallet anymore!
Michael Dabu from Hawaii on Oct 18, 2013
Super fast shipping! I have it on my iPhone 5S case right now and fits perfect. Material is top notch and high quality. Keeps my case slim! I am really in love with this cardninja! Thank you very much!
LeAnn C. from St. Cloud, MN on Oct 14, 2013
I really do like this little thing. I was originally in the market for a new wallet case for my iPhone 5 - didn't see anything I liked so I just bought a case at the store.

CardNinja was great - didn't have to buy a new case - super convenient.
Cheri from Ohio on Sep 27, 2013
I love the Card Ninja. I try very hard NOT to carry a purse as my doctor told me that my shoulder pain was being caused by it. Now I put my cards in my Card Ninja on my phone, pick up my car keys and I'm out the door. Just bought a new phone so I bought a new Ninja. Great idea AND it works!
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